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As far as Horse Race Betting is concerned, there is a wide spectrum of events for fans to take their pick from. These include high profile betting events on the lines of the Grand National, the Royal Ascot and the Cheltenham Festival, to the more generic events that include Lingfied. Not to forget the Five Classics that are characterized by the advent of the summers, it is a fact that once the right direction and motivation is provided to Punters, there is a plethora of opportunities that await you!

Bringing you the Latest from the Horse Racing Arena

The earliest tradition of Horse Racing dates back to the early Greek and Roman Empire, where Chariot Racing was one of the most enjoyed recreational as well as competitive sports by the erstwhile citizens. In all of our reviews and ratings, we accord ample coverage to all the major and minor races across UK and Ireland, and take into account a number of significant factors in order to adjudge the final rating of the online race betting site.

Live News Coverage from the Race Track

  • From Vantour topping the Sky Bet to the events at the Cheltenham Festival, Golden Age Racing will ensure that you receive all the latest news and essential updates, live from the race course.
  • This means that there are plenty of ways by which we have these updates conveyed to you, which include Video Clips, Live Commentary, Recorded Transcriptions, Statistical Analysis and so on and so forth. Unlike other Horse Race Betting Guide Websites.
  • We do not charge you at all for any such service, and provide news updates at no cost at all, to all members who are registered with us. So please go ahead and have this wonderful opportunity untapped right away!

Not an Experienced Punter? Not to Worry!

Golden Age Racing very well understands the common apprehensions related to Horse Race Betting, especially for those of you who are not experienced punters, but still want to try your hand at the same. This is precisely why we have dedicated a special section of our services towards the acculturation of new entrants into this exciting sport. We have put in an immense amount of effort and research into compiling an E-Book by the name of “A Beginner’s Guide to Horse Races and Punting”, and this e-book is available as a downloadable link on our website at a special twenty five percent discount. This well-structured and highly insightful e-book is indeed a must for all novice punters, so we suggest that you make use of the on-going twenty five percent discount offer and download this e-book immediately.

Weekly Tips and Best Practices

We put in a lot of thought and effort into compiling a highly relevant and useful set of tips, tricks and best practices for our weekly newsletter. Apart from the betting tips, the newsletter also keeps you informed of the latest reviews and ratings in our website listings.





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